Shipping & Delivery

Free Shipping

Free shipping is available for all orders $30 and above that are shipped within the United States. For International orders or orders within the United States under $30, normal shipping rates will apply as per current USPS and UPS pricing.

Shipping Within United States

Orders shipped from within the United States may be shipped either the same or the next business day depending upon stock availability and time of order. Once shipped, shipping times are in the control of the carrier – either USPS or UPS. We maintain no control over the shipping carriers and we suggest you contact the shipping carrier used in your order with your Tracking Number in the event you wish to be updated on the status of your shipment. Usually however, shipments via standard mail services (such as USPS First Class or UPS Ground) arrive within 2-6 business days, whilst express mail shipments may take 1-3 business days. Exact shipment time estimates and carrier policies can be found on the websites of USPS and UPS.

In the event your order becomes lost or has not been delivered after 14 days, we will open an investigation with the shipping carrier to find the whereabouts of your order. Alternatively you may also contact the shipping carrier to open an investigation and notify us of the outcome. If the order loss is found to be of no fault of your own (you provided the correct address and contact details, and you were available to accept delivery), we will reimburse you for the product along with the shipping charges, or alternatively ship the product again to you at no extra expense. You must however assist us fully with the investigation to be eligible for this, including submitting to us any requested evidence.

Other International Shipments

For International orders, most of our stock is shipped from the United States, unless otherwise specified. Standard International carrier rates for USPS and UPS apply. Please note that we are unable to assist you with the tracking of your order once it arrives within your country. It is your responsibility to contact your local domestic shipping carrier to investigate the status of your order in the event the shipment is delayed. You are encouraged to visit the USPS or UPS website depending upon the shipping option selected to see when your shipment will be expected to arrive within your country. We cannot offer any guarantee as to a delivery time for International orders, however experience suggests delivery time to be within 7-14 business days.

For International Orders Under $100 –

Whilst we endeavour to ensure that our products are legal without a prescription within most countries, you are nevertheless encouraged to contact your Customs to inquire about any import regulations for the product you intend to order. Due to constantly changing regulations around the world, we are not able to keep up with the specific import laws of each individual country. The responsibility ultimately rests with you to ensure that any product you order from us is legal to import and receive within your country.

In the event your shipment is seized by Customs for whatever reason, we may process a refund for you if you assist us with an investigation. You are required to notify us of the seizure as soon as you become aware of it, along with all supporting evidence, including a contact number for the Custom’s office and name of the Custom’s Officer so we may investigate. If it is found that a product we sell is not allowed to be imported within your country, we will remove it from our product list for all future orders to your country.

For International Orders Over $100 –

You must contact your country’s Custom’s office before ordering any of our products to ensure that they are legal to import. In the event the shipment is seized, we may at our discretion issue a partial refund up to $100 provided you co-operate with us fully in investigating the seizure. You must at the very least supply the contact number for the Custom’s office that seized the goods, name of the Custom’s Officer, and all supporting documentation, along with the steps you’ve taken to resolve the seizure. If it is found that a product we sell is not allowed to be imported within your country, we will remove it from our product list for all future orders to your country.

Order Inquiries

For all order related inquiries you may contact us through our website form or call us on (865) 630-2279 if you are located within the United States, or +1-865-630-2279 if you are located in any other country.

Manufacturing & Distribution

All our products are manufactured by an approved third party manufacturer that passes our quality checks to ensure our products are manufactured to our specifications in accordance with the Leaf Mother™ brand guidelines.

All products are distributed by –

Bruig Life Inc.
16 Hutson St.
Suite 304
Belize City, Belize
Contact: +1-865-630-2279 

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