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Leaf Mother is a website offering free information on various herbs, plants and other natural ingredients. We also sell supplements, vitamins and other products through our online shop. We endeavor to provide information relating to a number of commonly used herbs and nutraceutical products that is backed up by scientific & medical references so that consumers are not misled into the latest fads without first examining the evidence for themselves. We do our best to carefully select and only sell products that have scientific studies supporting their potential use for management or prevention of certain health conditions. Nevertheless, we are not a licensed pharmacy, and thus we are not licensed to sell drugs nor to make any claims that any of our products may be used for the treatment, cure or prevention of any disease. The nature of supplements, unlike with licensed drugs, is that they often lack approval from a central governing body for the treatment of a specific disease.

We always advise our customers to consult with a physician or other licensed healthcare professional before incorporating supplements into their diet. Whilst many vegetables and other plants are naturally healthy, taking them in high dosage in a concentrated form may lead to side effects. It is for this reason we don’t recommend self-treatment of any medical condition. If you do have an actual medical condition, you should not rely on supplements to treat it unless a licensed healthcare professional has specifically advised you that the supplement may be used as such.

Outside of health benefits, we like to examine herbs for their culinary and historical use, particularly how they have been used throughout centuries, sometimes even millenia, in both cuisine and folklore. Some herbs are poisonous, others have been a healthy ingredient of favorite dishes for many years. We are of the philosophy that natural is usually best, however not all natural products are healthy. It is our mission to find those that are, and to share information about them with you.

Leaf Mother itself is the trading name of www.leafmother.com, owned & operated by Bruig Life Inc., a Belizean incorporated International Business Company (IBC Registration No. 157,221). Our primary base of business is location-independent, as we do our best to offer information & nutraceutical products to individuals based in multiple countries. All of the products that we sell on our website have been manufactured in a country that complies with the laws of the country we ship to. For example, for products that we ship within the United States & Canada, all such products are produced by a third party manufacturer based within the United States that is FDA registered & inspected. This manufacturer, and any other we use, are also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) registered, and have been manually approved by us after screening to ensure they comply with our requirements. If you have any questions about the safety or purity of any of our products, you may Contact Us.

Bruig Life Inc. trading as “Leaf Mother”
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